Dear Patients,

We have been busy behind the scenes getting ready for YOU! We are super excited to say that we are now open and available to see patients! Although, many of you are likely eager to be seen, we must be fair and begin re-booking those whose appointments were cancelled beginning in March. It will take us some time to work through our backlog of patients, and we want to thank you ahead of time for being patient and understanding during these times. 

Rest assured, that we are complying with all governmental safety regulations so that all of our patients and staff are safe. It is no surprise that your next visit will be different. There will be some changes to the flow of patients through the clinic and it is very important that they are followed to ensure everyone is seen in a safe and timely manner.  Some COVID-19 screening questions will be asked at your booking. A second screening will be done by our staff when you present to the front desk. All questions MUST be answered each time.

You can expect that on the day of your appointment: 

  • ANYONE entering MUST be wearing a mask. If you accompany your child to their appointment then you will be required to be screened as well.  If possible, only the patients should enter the building.
  • Hand sanitizer will be made available, and must be used BEFORE entering the office AND before LEAVING.
  • Our staff will be asking you screening questions prior to your appointment.
  • If you develop any COVID19 symptoms within 14 days of your appointment please contact our office, your physician, and telehealth Ontario.

For those of you waiting to be seen, please know that delaying orthodontic visits is unlikely to cause any significant harm, as long as you are brushing your teeth regularly, keeping ideal oral hygiene standards and following the instructions which are summarized below. These instructions are for those under active treatment using fixed braces, removable braces, Invisalign, retainers, or in interceptive treatment with an expander. Please follow these instructions to help minimize any potential problems:

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene, including brushing after meals and flossing daily
  • Consider purchasing a fluoride rinse from your local pharmacy
  • Avoid excessive consumption of sweetened beverages or foods (candies)
  • For patients in fixed braces, avoid hard foods
  • If you have an expander or other device that requires you to activate it- STOP turning the expander or appliance until we resume normally scheduled visits
  • If you are in fixed braces or Invisalign and are using elastics, MOVE TO WEARING ELASTICS ONLY AT NIGHT-TIME until we resume normally scheduled visits
  • Follow the instruction already provided at your last visit, such as the pattern of wear of elastics (though moving to night-time only)
  • For those who have finished their treatment and are wearing retainers, follow the instructions that were provided at your last visit regarding the wear-time of your retainers 
  • Consider changing your aligners every 2 or 3 weeks

If you have an emergency that requires our attention, it would be ideal to send us an email along with a picture. Hold your lips apart and ask someone to take a picture of the affected area. For some emergencies, we may arrange a video call to identify the problem(s) and advise you accordingly.

We want to assure you that we will do our utmost to complete your treatment as expeditiously as possible, as soon as we are able to resume normal operations.

Ultimately, in the face of this global pandemic, it is each and everyone’s responsibility to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We look forward to seeing you!


Dr. Ross Fiore and Team