If you are interested in straightening your teeth without braces, Invisalign may be an option for you. This system uses a series of clear aligners that straighten your teeth. You can continue to eat the foods you love with Invisalign and not worry about breaking off braces. You will be informed at the consultation if Invisalign is right for you.

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Metal Braces


We offer state of the art metal braces. Today’s metal braces are not as bulky as the braces your parents probably wore 30 years ago. They can be dressed up with any color of the rainbow to suit your personality or mood at the time. As a matter of fact, we have over 20 colors to choose from, and you can change the colors at every appointment.

clearBraces_guelphorthoClear (Ceramic) Braces


Our clear braces are very esthetic. They are a milled piece of sapphire and almost invisible. These are a great option if you are not interested in using colored elastics and are a popular choice for our adults patients.



Following your active orthodontic phase, you enter what we call the retention phase of treatment. When your treatment is complete, you will be given a set of retainers that is included in your original fee. The type of retainer given varies with every individual, but most will be upper and lower invisible retainers. Retention is for life and it is imperative that you wear your retainers as prescribed by your Orthodontist to keep your teeth straight.

youngperson_guelphorthoEarly/Interceptive Treatment


In rare instances it is necessary to begin orthodontics at a younger age due to a poorly developing bite or premature baby tooth loss. We refer to this treatment as Phase I. The goal is to correct any immediate problem that could interfere with tooth eruption or jaw growth. Sometimes a small retainer or a few braces may be all that is required to get you back on track.

adulttreatment_guelphorthoAdult Treatment


It is never too late align your teeth for healthier smile and better bite. In fact, putting your teeth in the proper positions will optimize tooth wear so your teeth will last. It will also help you keep your gums healthier so your teeth will last a lifetime. We have helped many patients in their sixties and seventies see the benefits of orthodontics.

jawsurgery_guelphorthoOrthognathic (Jaw) Surgery


Sometimes if the imbalance between the upper and lower jaw is too severe, then braces alone are not the best treatment. In these cases, your treatment would include jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery) in addition to braces.